T-Series’ “Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab”: A mesmerizing fusion of traditional and modern elements by Kavita & Kanishk Seth!

Mumbai, 14th July 2023: A melodic piece that beautifully intertwines the essence of Indian classical dance with modern beats, T-Series brings you the romantic track “Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab”. Sung and composed by the immensely talented mother-son duo Kavita Seth and Kanishk Seth, and penned by Syed Zia Alvi, the song produced by Bhushan Kumar is set to captivate audiences with its seamless blend of traditional elements and contemporary music.

Watch the song here:

Featuring Heli Daruwala and Nishant Bhat, the music video directed by Rajit Dev combines the grace and elegance of the traditional dance form Kathak with the infectious energy of the up-tempo beats. Both artists trained in the dance form brings the music video to life.

Kavita Seth, the singer and composer of the song said, “Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab is a celebration of love and dreams, and I hope it resonates deeply with everyone who listens to it”. Adds Kanishk Seth, “We wanted to create a composition that showcased a cultural dance form while also appealing to a contemporary audience.”

Heli Daruwala, who has featured in the song shares, “Being a part of ‘Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab’ was an absolute delight. The dance sequences combined with the catchy beats made it a memorable experience.” Adds Nishant Bhat, “This is the first time I’m working on a single and it was a fantastic opportunity for me to explore the convergence of traditional art forms and upbeat music.”

Kavita Seth and Kanishk Seth’s Mere Sanam Ke Khwaab is produced by T-Series. Featuring Heli Daruwala and Nishant Bhat, the music video directed by Rajit Dev is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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