Shaad’s ‘Sahiba’ evokes an array of emotions

Mumbai, 14th July 2023: After some popular releases like Pal Pal, Noor, Sajna and Riha, Dublin based indie music artist Ahmad Shaad Safwi a.ka. Shaad recently released his single called ‘Sahiba’ in collaboration with music composer and producer Rishit Chauhan. The song Sahiba has a beautiful music video to it directed by UK based filmmaker Akash.

Speaking about the track the artist says “Sahiba is a song about the euphoria that the lovers experience in a situation when they are far apart. Distance between two lovers evokes an array of emotions in both. Thousands of kilometres apart they can still feel each other’s vibe. First rain of the season is always special to all of us and more so for lovers. Separation coupled with first rain is a memorable event wherein the lovers feel an overwhelming sense of completion within emptiness”.

Watch the song here:

Shaad is a Dublin-based Indian singer-songwriter. He was born in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh. After schooling, he went to Lucknow for a Bachelor’s degree and his passion for music developed there. He had a band in college and with his band, he started playing across the city at different college fests and places. Since then, he has had a keen interest in music. After completing B. Tech. from Integral University Lucknow, Shaad started working at a multinational company in Pune. He worked there for six years and was carrying his passion for music in parallel. Shaad has always been a self-taught musician and he was quite active in the live music scene in Pune and used to play live in a lot of places. Along with that, he released a few of his independent singles over this tenure of six years in Pune. The first single ‘Chal Diye’ was released in 2015 which was featured on MTV Indies. In 2017 he moved to Dublin, Ireland for Post Graduation and is based there currently but he is still working on his music and originals and has released a couple of new singles under big labels like T-Series as well. Currently, he is working on his new music comprising of his singles, new collaborations and album which are yet to be released.

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