Swarathma embark on India’s First Multi-City Concert Tour powered by solar & clean energy

Bangalore band creates history by powering their concert tour with solar and clean energy. The tour coincides with the release of a heart-warming music video for the title track of their album ‘Raushan’.

Mumbai, 7th May 2024: Swarathma, the iconic folk-rock band hailing from Bengaluru, is set to revolutionize the live concert experience by powering it with solar and clean energy. They are embarking on a nationwide tour in support of their fourth studio album titled Raushan, due this year.

Renowned for their electrifying performances and eclectic sound, Swarathma will bring their unique blend of music and activism to audiences across the nation, powered by a portable clean energy system that will replace the diesel generators that are the norm across concerts today.

Tickets for the Swarathma India Tour are available here

Photo Credit to Swarathma

The tour will visit major cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Indore, Guragaon, and Jaipur, among others, promising unforgettable concert experiences that merge entertainment with sustainability. The tour announcement comes on the heels of Swarathma releasing the heartwarming music video for their song of hope “Raushan”, the first single off their upcoming, highly anticipated fourth album. The tickets for the first leg of the tour are available on Paytm Insider.

“As a band we are excited to bring alive a concert experience that is friendlier to the earth. The experience of co-creating this vision with our sustainability and engineering partners has been very enriching. It is almost as much fun as planning the set lists and the concert itself!”, says Jishnu Dasgupta, the band’s bassist.

Photo Credit to Swarathma

Swarathma conceptualised this with solar energy pioneers Sustain Plus Energy Foundation and SELCO Foundation and are working with energy storage experts AmpereHour to bring this eco-tour to life. The teams have collaborated to design a revolutionary clean energy power unit that will run the concerts across the country. By partnering with these industry frontrunners, Swarathma aims to set a new standard for environmentally-conscious entertainment and promote the adoption of sustainable practices within the music industry.

“We are thrilled and honored to partner with an iconic Indian band like Swarathma on this unique tour”, says AmpereHour Energy CEO Ayush Misra. “Our Battery based Energy Storage Systems have the potential to replace diesel-based power generation, that have been used historically for powering events and this concert will act as a proof of concept that we hope to scale across the entire entertainment and events industry, helping them decarbonize their operations.” For over two decades, Swarathma has captivated audiences with their dynamic music, infused with elements of India’s rich cultural heritage. Their repertoire includes three acclaimed albums (Raah E Fakira in 2018, Topiwalleh in 2012 and Swarathma in 2009) featuring memorable hits such as “Pyaasi (feat. Shubha Mudgal)”, “Kaash”, “Naane Daari”, and “Mushkil Mein Jeena”. Swarathma has always been a vocal champion of environmentalism. Their songs such as “Ee Bhoomi”, “Duur Kinara”, “Patte Saare” and more stand as testament to the band’s passion for earth and nature. They have stood for green causes, most recently in support of retaining Bangalore’s green cover with an acoustic jam inside Cubbon Park. With their ability to connect with the masses and vocalise heartfelt sentiments, Swarathma continues to inspire generations.

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