Peekay collaborates with Steve Knight from popular American band Flipsyde for ‘Running’

Mumbai, 6th May 2024: Way back in 2005 Flipsyde shot to fame with their banger called ‘Someday’. Every radio station and music channel on TV was playing the song. Steve Knight was one of the most recognizable faces on the Rap/Rock scene from Oakland California and didn’t realize that on the other side of the world – every lyric from the song he had written had lit a fire within a 13-year-old from Hyderabad, India.

Pranati Khanna aka Peekay, a popular name on the Indian Rock Music Circuit was at the Ziro Festival in Arunachal Pradesh where Flipsyde was performing and that is where the idea to collaborate happened. Peekay and Steve spent a year working together on the single “Running”, performing it live to an enthralled audience at Oddball festival in Bengaluru.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track that she released recently, Peekay says “I always ask myself ‘who’s making music for people like me?’. It is SO hard to find that sound I loved through the 00’s which was a Hard Rock, Alt Rock and Grunge sound. There are bands who have created the evolved version of the genre that I am so inspired by, today but I really wanted to create music for MYSELF. So, when Steve and I got in touch to write this song, the first thing that happened was that we bonded over our love for Grunge and Hard Rock music that came from the 90s and 00’s. There was no question about what sound our single would have – we were certain it had to be a nostalgic rock sound. When I wrote the song and Eddy produced it – everything just came together so beautifully, and Steve loved it too. We had made a song that WE would love to listen to first thing in the morning, while driving, working out, flying – whatever.”

Peekay sat down with her guitar and started piecing together the song “Running”. She had an audio note from Steve where he had done an improv session with his acoustic guitar while he was home in California. She loved the line “my spirit soars around” and decided that was the theme of the song. As always – Peekay sent her acoustic song to her bandmate and producer, Eddy. He then took it and “ran” with it quite literally turning it into the pumped-up Hard Rock banger that it ended up being, complete with his signature guitar solo and “chugs”!

Speaking about collaborating with Steve she adds “Collaborating with Steve was effortless because we’re really similar in our tastes and writing styles. I love the gruff texture of his voice because it compliments my voice beautifully as well. Despite the time difference and obvious geographical constraints – we made sure we got on calls to discuss the song, get to know each other, etc. And once it came time for him to perform with me at Oddball 2024 in Bangalore and for us to drop the single worldwide – everything was smooth sailing. No drama, no egos, no bullshit. All Love.”

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