Singer-Songwriter Sampriti is bringing in Afro-Pop sound to Assamese Original Music Scene with “KENIGOL”

Mumbai, 17th October 2022: Singer-Songwriter Sampriti has released her lush new Assamese Afro-pop single “KENIGOL” in collaboration with producer National Animal on October 14, 2022. The tune is a refreshing take on original music of Assam, bridging Assamese music with Afro-pop beats, and is the first of its kind. KENIGOL is her second single, followed by her debut Assamese single “Endhaar” released in 2021.

Watch “KENIGOL” here:

Talking about the song Sampriti says, “I’ve asked myself this question too many times; do people who dare to pursue their dreams, have any plan B? “Asene kunu bikolpo?” which means “Is there an alternative?” in Assamese, questions the same. I feel like a lot of people in the creative industry go through experiences that sometimes lead them to question their decisions, in terms of creating art. A lot of it is also fuelled by the social media culture; the pressure of constantly creating and putting work ‘out there’ for the world to see. Thus, the lyrics of KENIGOL came to be. It’s an anthem about holding onto one’s flow and being patient with your art and self.”

The catchy hook of the track is sure to serve as an earworm for all the listeners. KENIGOL is available on all major music streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes etc., along with a music video, shot and directed by Saloni Pandey, edited by Mridu Neog. KENIGOL is recorded at Studio Ra, Goa; photographed by Ron Bezbaruah and styled by Bansari Chawada. The track is Mixed and Mastered by Nisthula Murphy and Tamzid Rahman.

Sampriti is a seasoned performer. She performed live shows at venues like The Little Door and The Quarter before she landed a job in India’s first Cruise Liner, Jalesh Cruises, as part of a Trio which eventually bloomed into a 5- piece band. She also worked as a performer onboard another Indian Cruise liner called Cordelia Cruises. The job helped her grow in confidence and gave her a lot of exposure besides allowing her to mingle, learn and collaborate on ideas for live performances with Techs, musicians, dancers and entertainers from all over the world! She is currently based in Goa and performs with her band PINK MOSS. She also plays DJ sets as SIMII.

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