Joerocks releases his new single ‘Water-loo’

Mumbai, 17th October 2022: Gurpreet a.k.a. Joerocks has released his latest single “Water-loo”. Talking about the song Gurpreet says, “On a recent visit to London, I happened to drop my mobile phone into the toilet. It triggered a whole mix of emotions in me! One day, while passing through Waterloo station on the London metro, I could connect that name to the phone incident. Thus, began the songwriting! It also inspired the title of my second EP ‘My Life’, ‘Water-loo’ being its first single”.

Stream the song here:

The song is a humorous take on the incident, full of funk-rock and psychedelic vibes. The character, having had a dream the previous night, gets inspired to write a song. He immediately rushes to the toilet with his phone to jot down lyrics/record tunes. In a momentary lapse of concentration, he drops his phone into the loo.

The next section of the song is about his frustrations of being without a phone- being alone, not finding love, lack of external validation etc. The bridge is a mish-mash of chaotic emotions, before things settle and he starts to find peace.

The final verse is about him re-discovering himself, like ‘a slave who has found the key’. And he realizes he is enjoying life more, despite being a ‘loser’.

Talking further about the song Gurpreet says, “The songwriting, recording and production took 3 months. Besides myself as the songwriter/vocalist/co-producer, the team is composed of other instrumentalists, a producer and mix/master engineer as well”.

Joerocks is a doctor turned singer-songwriter and guitarist-producer from Delhi. Since April 2020, he has released 10 songs. While some songs deal with social & health issues, he has also released music in the mainstream genre. His previous EP was titled ‘Love. Undone’.

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