Sihie’s debut project ‘Kitne Paison Meon Bikta Hai Ye Pyaar’ is intriguing

Mumbai, 29th February 2024: After “Pink Plastic Kiss” alongside the acclaimed Faridabad hip-hop duo, Arpit Bala and Bhappa, here we are with Sihie’s debut project, “Kitne Paison Mein Bikta Hai Ye Pyaar?” It sounds like an intriguing exploration of love’s many facets. The track list offers a diverse range of themes, from the tender beginnings of love to the passionate depths and even the playful conflicts that keep relationships alive. Each song seems to offer a different perspective on love, making for a rich and immersive listening experience.

It’s evident that Sihie is deeply connected to her music, drawing from her personal experiences and emotions to create meaningful narratives. Her ability to blend various genres and evoke powerful feelings in her audience speaks to her versatility and artistry.

Stream the album here

Speaking about the track she says, “This is my first project, but it isn’t the first project I’ve created. I worked on two projects before this, but the narratives never felt right until this one came through. This project is my own life experiences spun with some fiction which truly defines how I am as an artist and what all I feel about love. It’s an introductory sonic experience to my listeners to show to them how deep, fun, sometimes overwhelming, and mainly multifaceted, love can be. I loved having the power to wield sound according to the themes and using samples and references from those movies that have had a great effect on me, to be able to work and blend genres that have always hit home and to have been able to become a better woman throughout the process. The way the sounds flow and the way the themes flow, that’s my character as an artist, right there for everyone to see or hear in this case. This is the foundation to what’s about to come in my soundscape and I’m very pleased with that”.

With her roots in Delhi, Sihie brings a unique flavor to her music, reflecting the cultural richness of her surroundings. It’s exciting to see artists like her pushing boundaries and offering fresh perspectives in the music industry.

Her collaboration with 5.5 Records further solidifies her position as a rising star in the music scene, and it’s clear that her debut project is poised to make a significant impact.

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