Kanika Kapoor teams up with Ria Sean for her latest track ‘Koka’

Mumbai, 29th February 2024: Indian artist Kanika Kapoor teams up with Nigerian artist Ria Sean, as she ventures into independent music under her own label, Bajao Records.

The dynamic duo introduces “Koka,” a chart-topping track that marries the vibrant energy of Punjabi beats with the infectious rhythms of Afro Beats. With Kanika Kapoor and Ria at the helm of vocals, this cross-cultural musical masterpiece transcends borders, showcasing the rich diversity and global influence of contemporary music.

Watch the song here:

The composition of “Koka” is a collaborative effort, featuring the combined work of Kanika Kapoor, Ria Sean, and Rishab Chaturvedi. The music production, a fusion of Saszy Afroshii, Ganesh Waghela, and Kanika Kapoor, promises an exhilarating sonic experience. The track’s mix and master by ARRON at LA Studios give it an international sound.

Under the banner of Bajao Records, “Koka” is set to captivate audiences worldwide, offering a kaleidoscopic blend of melodies and beats that resonate with music lovers across cultures. The accompanying music video is a visual spectacle, embracing the vibrant hues and cultural richness of both India and Nigeria. Kanika Kapoor and Ria Sean effortlessly bring together their unique styles, creating a musical synergy that promises to leave an indelible mark on the global music scene.

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