Siddhant Bhosle releases ‘Jaan Leva’, a song that will connect with one and all

Mumbai, 23rd November 2023: ‘Jaan Leva’ is a heartbreak-themed pop song sung & composed by Siddhant Bhosle. It expresses the inner turmoil of being unable to let go of past love. The lyrics hauntingly portray the lingering pain of memories that can last long after a relationship has ended. Siddhant’s silky vocals flowing with an R&B infused instrumental pop vibe seamlessly brings the listener into a dreamy state.

With this release, 29-yr old artist Siddhant Bhosale marks his name amongst those to watch out for in the independent music circuit. Hailing from a family of artists, Siddhant Bhosle is a true experimentalist at heart, revising global pop with Indian influences. Moulding his various influences into a unique style of writing, he says “I’ve always tried to stay honest to my Indian roots, and with that, find a way to share my story as well as my love for pop songs.”

Watch the song here:

With over 12 million streams on his independent releases in the last 2 years since his debut, Siddhant continues to emerge as one of the most promising singer-songwriters in the country. His debut single, “Din Aur Raatein” (2020) is an intimate record that resonated with a wide audience and landed on various charts and music aficionados’ playlists. He followed it up with a series of songs through 2021 and 2022, like “Din Aur Raatein Acoustic” ft. Nikhita Gandhi (2020), “Fida” (2020), “Khoya ft. Sukriti Kakar” (2022), and “Tu Hi Bata” ft. Nikhita Gandhi (2022), “Nadaniya” (2022) and “Yun” ft. Sanah Moidutty (2022).

“I remember listening to a John Mayer record on loop, which really inspired me to start learning the guitar,” says Siddhant. Shuffling between Los Angeles and Mumbai, he is working on his Hindi singles and English EP, as well as songwriting for other artists based in the US and Asia. With songs both in Hindi and English, Siddhant aims for the sound of “global pop.”

Siddhant’s father, a veteran Bollywood playback singer named Sudesh Bhosale, is known best for his songs sung for Amitabh Bachchan. His mother is a pianist, and through her got exposure to the pop structures and sounds of Western music. At an early age, he grew up learning Hindustani Classical music from his grandmother, Smt. Suman Bhosle (a renowned classical singer of the Agra Gharana) and also started playing the guitar and drums during his school days.

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