Shikhar’s “Easily” is a must listen!

Mumbai, 18th July 2022: 23 year-old Shikhar, from Bhopal, has released his new track “Easily”. One listen to the song and you would want to play it again. His music comes from a space that finds him torn between writing about the alienation of being alive in 2022, and wanting to be stuck inside a time capsule in his room for the rest of his days.

Stream the song here: Easily

Talking about “Easily” he said, “It’s a song about feeling like you lost yourself somewhere in the times, trying to outrun change and eventually losing to it”. The voice and the words are the centre of the carefully ambient and haunting arrangement of Easily, and the song finds a space between an indie singalong anthem and a modern pop-rock ballad. Shikhar’s signature sound of guitar-centric songwriting is brought to its apex by producer Aman Arakh, long-term producer to Samar Mehdi, Mocaine, etc.

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Shikhar is a 23 Year-old singer-songwriter from Bhopal, who studied at The True School of Music in Mumbai. In the 9 years that he’s been making  music, he has performed at several notable events such as Great Indian Film and Literature Festival, MTV Rockenfield, Songbird Sessions, Openup Sessions, House-Concert Delhi, etc, and played at many revered venues, like  The Quarter (Royal Opera House), Ravindra Bhavan, The Piano Man Jazz Club, etc.  Inspired heavily by the likes of John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, The Dave Matthews Band, Joni Mitchell, and Steven Wilson,  Shikhar makes music that can be best categorized as Pop-Rock, influenced heavily by Blues, RnB, Alt Rock, and adult contemporary.

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