Shaan’s latest release ‘Tu Jo Haan Kahe Toh Haan’ will make you put on your dancing shoes

Mumbai, 13th March, 2021: After mesmerising the audiences with his soulful track ‘Yakeen’, singer Shaan’s latest release ‘Tu Jo Haan Kahe Toh Haan’ will make them put on their dancing shoes. The video features Adnan Khan and Rehmat Rattan and has a inherent ‘happy’ vibe to it.

Though it is a peppy dance number, the team was very particular about it being a clean song without any objectionable content. The song follows the story of a young boy trying to woo his lady love. This is Shaan’s latest offering from his music label and the singer believes that good music doesn’t need any gimmicks.

Directed by MG Mehul Gadani,the video is fun and vibrant with some great dance moves which have all the makings of going viral.

Commenting on his latest track Shaan says, “‘Tu Jo Haan Kahe Toh Haan’ will have to be one of the most catchy tracks I have curated so far .. it’s also got this happy vibe which I think should be quite infectious. I stayed away from featuring on the video since the target audience is a much younger generation and for quite obvious reasons with me featuring in the video they may not relate to the song .. but with the young, energetic and very good looking cast, Rehmat Rattan and Adnan Khan .. the song gets that added youthful vibrance. All in all I’m excited to see how the song is received.”

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