Saurabh Biyani aka Kacho releases his next track ‘Azad Ho’

Mumbai, 19th April 2023: Saurabh Biyani aka Kacho, an independent singer-songwriter from Bengaluru has released his latest track ‘Azad Ho’. It’s an audio video track that has a unique message, one that is expressed in a very relatable way.

Talking about the song he says, “ ‘Azad Ho’ is a heartfelt composition that speaks to the universal desire to break free from the never ending race of life, and how our dreams often hinder us in this pursuit. I wrote this song in late 2021 during a challenging period in my life when I was yearning for a break, and it holds a special place in my heart. The relatable theme of the song has resonated with audiences of all ages, and I have witnessed many listeners moved to tears during my live performances”.

Watch the song here:

Further elaborating on the song Kacho says, “I am proud to have written, sung, and composed ‘Azad Ho’ myself, and I have had the privilege of collaborating with some incredibly talented individuals on this project. The music is produced by Rishabh Ravi. The song features a hauntingly beautiful flute solo by Rajeev Prasanna, who has been the flutist for major bollywood films and has also performed on various episodes of MTV unplugged”.

The music video of ‘Azad Ho’ is a visual treat, thanks to the creative genius of critically acclaimed filmmaker Mrinal Bahukhandi, who has brought the song to life on screen. ‘Azad Ho’ was shot in more than 20 different locations in Mumbai and Goa, is visually appealing with its unique use of emoji masks, creating a surreal and captivating experience for the viewers.

As a singer-songwriter, Kacho believes that expression is more important than conforming to a particular style of music. His previous track, “Set Hai” was an intense rap about the addictive nature of screens (mobile phones) in the modern age, while “Azad Ho” showcases his versatility with its beautiful melody. He strives to infuse rawness and authenticity into his music, and he believes that sets him apart as an artist.

Apart from his passion for music, Kacho is a graduate from BITS Pilani and works as a Senior Product Manager at Uber in Bengalure. He prides himself on striking a balance between his professional career and his deep-rooted love for music.

Audio credits

Singer, songwriter – Kacho (Saurabh Biyani)

Music Producer – Rishabh Ravi

Flute – Rajeev Prasanna

Recording – Tapan Dewanji

Mix and Master – Akash Sawant

Video credits

Concept & Direction – Mrinal Bahukhandi

Executive Producer – Madhu Nair

Production Manager – Subhash Jadhav

Cinematography, Edit & Colour Grades – Mrinal Bahukhandi

Assistant Editor – Niren Bhavanani

Camera Assistant – Shivmurti Sahoo

Artwork credits Artwork – Mrinal Bahukhandi

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