Pt. Nayan Ghosh and Ishaan Ghosh bring forth North Indian Classical music with the album ‘Synergy’

Mumbai, 18th April 2023: Father – Son Duo of Pandit Nayan Ghosh and Ishaan Ghosh have collaborated for their upcoming album ‘Synergy’. ‘Synergy’ is an amalgamation of the musical energies of the legendary sitar maestro and composer – Pt. Nayan Ghosh and his son, Tabla virtuoso – Ishaan Ghosh. In this album, they come together to bring forth North Indian Classical music of a superlative order replete with a rich repertoire, dynamic virtuosity and soulful aesthetics. Speaking about the album Ishan says “It is just pure joy…. Can’t get any better than being part of a sublime musical journey with your Guru, father, friend, confidant – someone who means the world to you. For us, the best medium to express our unfiltered emotions is MUSIC and nothing else. There are moments which are exhilarating, calming and sometimes really intense because you do not know if they will happen again”.

Watch the video album here:

Speaking further about the album he says, “This album stands unique because of the rich North Indian ‘Raga’ repertoire that has been presented in its most natural form. The album includes multiple facets of Indian classical and semi classical music, even a special folk song. Therefore, you get a glimpse of the diverse musical forms and possibilities which exist within our country. Authentic & Organic are possibly the two words that can best describe my feeling for this piece of work”.

Stream the album here:

Ishaan stands out as a front-ranking young Tabla player of India, having received intensive training from his father, the renowned Tabla and sitar maestro, Pandit Nayan Ghosh. Pandit Nayan Ghosh is one of the most well-known Indian classical musicians today, being the only artist to have equal mastery over two diverse instruments – the Sitar and the Tabla.

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