Sanjay Maroo’s “Holding On” is a reflection of experiences and philosophy of faith

Mumbai, 27th April 2023: Award winning Indie Composer, Lyricist, Drum artist and Vocalist Sanjay Maroo has just released his much-anticipated track “Holding On” today. The R&B ballad conveys a deeply rooted philosophy of faith and is a reflection of all the experiences and ups and downs that he has gone through in his journey. The song urges people to keep holding on and never give up.

Watch the song here:

The truly unique video was shot in the surreal locales of the Joshua Tree National Park in California by renowned DOP Christopher Pearson.

With the current surge in mental issues and suicide rates globally, Sanjay Maroo felt the need to put out this track which hopes to inspire those suffering to face realities with the message of Holding On!.

Sanjay says “There is a growing and very worrisome trend of people trying to find escape from difficult situations and personal problems by taking very radical steps and causing irretrievable harm to themselves and those who love them. Millions deal with this at some time or the other in their lives, so you’re definitely not alone and you will come out of it. Till you don’t taste the bitterness of difficulties and defeat, you will never know the sweet joys of victory. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easily. So hang in there and keep Holding On. There will be a new tomorrow and a brighter one”. Speaking about his personal journey he adds “Faith & dreams / Pain and fear. I’ve experienced both sides. In ample measure. When you passionately pursue a dream and things work out, you’re on top of the world. Your efforts are rewarded and the world recognizes success. But there are many more who don’t get the response they expected and are left to deal with the pain of rejection and the fear of losing again. Failure has few friends. Along the way, many give up. But some keep Holding On. I dedicate this song to all those who believe! And will not give up.”

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