Ammy Virk & Divine collaboration “Busy Getting Paid” on VYRL Punjabi is a top shelf stuff!

Mumbai, 27th April 2023: VYRL Punjabi in association with Burfi Music is excited to announce the release of “Busy Getting Paid”, the first-ever collaboration between two of India’s most celebrated artists, Ammy Virk and Divine. The song, backed by Mani Longia’s lyrics and composition and Starboy X’s music, promises to be a fresh take on the Jatt culture and the Jatt way of life.

Watch the song here:

With Ammy Virk’s soulful vocals and Divine’s powerful rap, #BusyGettingPaid is a reflection of the spirit of friendship and brotherhood that is central to Jatt culture. The song celebrates the Jatt way of life and the mindset of those who are “Busy Getting Paid” while minding their own business.

Directed by the B2Gether Bros, the music video for “Busy Getting Paid” captures the luxury and extravagance of Jatt culture with stunning visuals from the beautiful city of Dubai. Featuring cars, lions, and other luxuries, the video is a testament to the grandeur and the boldness of the Jatt way of life.

Talking about the release of the track, Ammy Virk says, “Our collaboration came into being purely for the love of music and our fans. The song represents the spirit of unity in the music industry and the values that we hold dear – brotherhood, friendship, and hard work. We strive to reinvent ourselves and our music by trying to explore more and more ideas- Busy Getting Paid is one such example”.

Talking about his experience working with Ammy Virk, Divine says, “When Ammy sent me the track idea I was instantly hooked to the music and wrote down my verse! From the vocals, to music to the lyrics and the video, everyone brought their A game to the collaboration”.

Ammy Virk and Divine are both renowned for their unique styles and their ability to connect with audiences. With “Busy Getting Paid”, they have created something truly special that fans of both artists will love. This collaboration marks a new milestone in the world of Punjabi and hip-hop music and is sure to be a huge hit with fans across the globe.

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