Rock band Daira released their new single, ‘Mazaar’!

Mumbai, 27th July 2021: Mumbai-based Hindi Art-Rock band Daira returns with a rousing new single ‘Mazaar’ where
they get personal about the power of words, misinformation and corruption. Written and composed with Aswin Lal, ‘Mazaar’ is a follow up to their recent optimistic single ‘Basar’

‘Mazaar; which translates to a ‘tomb’ in English. emphasises on the power of words, conversations, opinions and the impact caused by it. On this single, the band is heard musing through a personal and social point of view on – how words lose their meaning and how relevant matters get overshadowed by saleable, trivial sentiments. The lyrical content further shifts to a socio-political perspective and comments on the nature of corrupt rulers and mass leaders – who’ve been using persistent falsehood and bogus claims to divert attention from real issues and manipulate innocent followers.

Talking about the single’s inspiration, Daira’s vocalist and lyricist – Piyush Kapoor says “Words can make or break you. As artists we get inspired by all the positive comments but one troll or a destructive feedback hampers the self-confidence massively as much as you try not to pay any heed to them.”

With this single, the band will also release its fourth official music video – one featuring the band members performing in an intimate setting, interspersed with illustrations and video clips.

‘Mazaar’, released on Friday, 23rd July 2021, is one of the many singles that the band intends to drop in the coming months this year and the next.

Song Credits
Drums – Pratik Kulgod (@pkulgod)
Guitars – Shivam Pant (@shivamflat5)
Guitars – Vikalp Sharma (@codenamevikalp)
Bass – Sourya Mukherjee (_grooveyard_)
Vocals & Lyrics – Piyush Kapoor (@piyushcapoor)
Mixed and Mastered by – Arsh Sharma (FuzzCulture) (@arshsharmamusic)
Composed by – Daira with Aswin Lal (@tightlows)
Album Artwork – Shikhant Sablania (@thechoorma)

Music Video Credits
Music Video Director – Fahad Sheikh (@photogaffa)
DOP – Nikhil Patil (@pyaasa_)

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