Popular Indie artist Moli’s latest track It’s You And Your Eyes is a contemporary fusion of psychedelia sounds and rock

Mumbai, 19th February 2023: After intoxicating his audience with a broad array of bold and vibrant offerings these last few months, Anmol Gupta is back with his latest atmospheric gem “It’s You And Your Eyes”. Post successful releases ’12 Ways I See Myself, Pt. 1, 2, 3 and Abstraction in the Abyss, Moli’s latest “It’s You And Your Eyes” is now streaming across all major platforms, official video is now available on YouTube. The track released recently is being widely shared by his fans and followers. The song boasts a one of kind video featuring Moli himself. The combination of poppy dance music and locked graves with dark satirical lyrical sense gives its you and your eyes its place, which may be funny but extremely beautiful. The film of the song is an absolute abstract amalgamation of psychedelia and surrealism forming into the utmost truth that our vision might just be illusionary, that we are mortals but life doesn’t end at that. With living beings trying to find life, all their life and the elements guiding and helping, the illusion of Maya and the want of the average human to keep living ends afterlife leaves and we find death, from this trip that one may call life, one wakes up to realize the same.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Moli says “The song is a contemporary fusion of psychedelic sounds/ disco and rock with satirical lyrics and a mind-bending audio-visual experience. It roots from a place of deep realization of how life eventually has a solitary start and an

end. The hook of the song “Its you and your eyes and everyone else just lies” is a take on modern society and how what we may think or believe about anything might just not be the entire truth, and eventually, it’s you and your eyes and nothing else. It’s a journey from finding life and comparing life to song writing/ music and eventually realizing that one may make the wrong decisions but they are a huge part of the journey. We as human beings keep running from the fact that we are mortals but death in its entirety is the utmost truth of physical life, but it doesn’t reeky end there, does it?“ Starting his musical journey with an Indie band called ‘Shankara’, he continued to play at various venues to gain the right experience despite there wasn’t much intrinsic value to it. Music and Moli became inseparable since the age of fourteen. The first instrument he bumped into was drums when he was 9 years old. Though he did not pursue it further, the instrument plays a very important role in shaping his career as a musician.

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