“Pehli Barish”, Sharma And The Besharams’ new single is as refreshing as the rains in itself!

Mumbai, 3rd July 2021: The month of June welcomes the rains, and so do ‘Sharma And The Besharams’, in their latest lockdown single, ‘Pehli Baarish’. The self-explanatory title is about just that, and a little more.

‘Sharma And The Besharams’ are a Pop/Rock band from Mumbai, India. The voice and leading lady of the ensemble is Vasuda Sharma. The lads are Rahul Hariharan on the drums, Chaitanya Bhaidkar on guitars, Chirayu Vedekar on the bass, and Vatan Dhuriya on keyboards.

Talking about the song the band says, “Like the feeling of one’s first love, smelling the petrichor in the air, laying your naked soles on the damp grass, sinking your toes into the moist soil; the first drops of rain may hit your skin, but, they sure do bathe your soul”

The song has a very fresh music with alternate rock and pop rock making it a listener’s delight. The song starts with a very soothing acoustic guitar, followed by melodious vocals from Vasuda. The song progresses into its unadulterated alternate rock version from there and takes you on a journey of its own. Lyrics of the song get you in a happy space, ready to enjoy and feel the ensuing rainy season in India.

The song takes a break from the EDM treatment, which is a norm in the current industry order. It brings back the eclectic combination of conventional instruments, guitar riffs being a highlight of the music arrangement. The vocals of Vasuda, as always, are spot on and compel you to fall in love with the composition!

Check out the song at linktr.ee





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