Naalayak’s 4th song “Tabeer” from his album “Sexy Bhai Ji” hints at a lover’s infatuation with a woman staring Anangsha Biswas

Mumbai, 12th January 2023: Founder & front man of Naalayak band, Sahil Samuel has made great strides within the competitive music industry with over 300 songs since 2016. This Chandigarh based singer & songwriter recently released his 4th track titled “Tabeer” from his album Sexy Bhai Ji with IndieA Records. His last three songs under the same album titled “It’s Me”, “Charcha Parcha” & “Hum Jaage” fetched him appreciation & millions of views. Post their success, Tabeer’s anticipation had Sahil’s fans flooded his DM with messages looking forward to the release in 2023.

Watch the song here:

While Sexy Bhai Ji album rejuvenates the rock & roll of the modern era with a mix of rock, blues, progressive & electronic rock, his latest track Tabeer refers to an interpretation or explanation, particularly referring to a dream. It is the story of a man falling in love at first sight but unimaginable. Therefore, he keeps on envisioning himself with her even when she is beyond his reach.

His songs “Main Ka Bukhar” and “Hindi Gaane”, which have been widely acclaimed and have been huge hits. The combination of Urdu and Hindi words he uses in his music captures listeners’ attention. With hits like ‘Bawra’, ‘Haan Pyaar Hain’, ‘Dil-ae-Raza’, ‘Mustafa’, ‘Nasamajh’, ‘Zakir’, ‘Sahil’, ‘Maa’ and his latest single ‘Jazba’, he has caught the attention of his audience.

Commenting about the song, Sahil Samuel says, “Every song on my album, ‘Naalayak’, is different from the next. Tabeer, to me, is a song about an unfinished love story or relationship. It describes how you would like someone, yet there are so many limitations involved. The album has a special place in my heart, and this song is particularly dear to me as it has a very uniquely massive appeal”.

Well, listening to “Tabeer”, there does sound a great sense of uniqueness in the album! Check it out!

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