Naalayak releases “Farzi Kitaab” and “Gulshano Mein” that spotlight different emotions

These two songs are from his latest album “Sexy Bhai Ji” with IndieA Records

Mumbai, 1st February 2023: Naalayak a.k.a Sahil Samuel, a personage of the Independent Music Industry has released two more songs titled “Farzi Kitaab” & “Gulshano Mein” from his album Sexy Bhai Ji. Sahil Samuel is committed to the pursuit of truth in all spheres of life. His strength lies in his musical compositions & lyrics that provoke enlightenment through music.

Watch Farzi Kitaab here:

This Chandigarh-based singer & songwriter calls out the hypocrisy of the world in his track Farzi Kitaab. This alt rock tune has a distinct atmosphere that will take you to a live rock concert. The song’s narrator, Naalayak, wears no filters as he exposes the terrible truth of mankind’s two-faced nature, how every promise is phoney, questions are left unanswered, and what we see and believe in the world is rarely genuine. Gulshano Mein, another track from the album from the rock world, depicts a lover’s various complaints owing to a lack of time. There are stories, events, and moments that one would like to share with their sweetheart, yet all you get is a void.

Stream Gulshano Mein here:

The album SEXY BHAI JI is an experimental album that includes different sounds and music. It has a variety of songs from very talented musicians, with tracks “It’s Me,” “Hum Jaage,”, “Charcha Parcha,” and “Tabeer” released in addition to “Farzi Kitaab” and “Gulshano Mein.” The album is a mix of rock, blues, progressive, and electronic rock that aims to revitalise modern rock and roll. 

Naalayak says, “In each song, I like to tap into a different emotion, such as sadness, love, or betrayal. Emotions are part of life, so we cannot escape them. In the midst of chaos, I hope that my songs nurture the emotions of my listeners and help them find their calm”.

About Naalayak

Dreams are real. In the year of 1998, when Sahil was in 2nd std, he had a vivid dream where he saw a person on the stage surrounded by crowds. Little did he know at that time that this dream would eventually come true. He had the same dream when he was doing his 11th. Being disturbed about it he shared the dream with his mother to which she responded positively advising him to first finish his senior high schooling and then come home.

Sahil Samuel initially wanted to be a cricketer. He was well known in his school for being a left-handed batsman. Getting into the field of music was never a part of the future that he pictured. One day while he was actively taking part in cricket his music teacher approached him to sing for a farewell to which he denied at first but later could not refuse the request. After that day he was appreciated by many of his fellow schoolmates which left him puzzled. Before long Sahil Samuel recognized that he was just only fond of cricket and as for music it is an undying passion. Unfortunately, he was surprisingly welcomed by a facial paralysis as he decided to enter the music industry in 2013. Still determined with a strong will power to continue in the path of music he did not give in to the illness. With much faith Sahil Samuel remained unmoved by the situation he was going through and later in the following months he earned his first club gig on 31st December, 2013. Since the time of his debut till the present day, he has made it to the top list of Indie bands in India with two hit albums ‘Hindi Gaane’ and ‘Main Ka Bukhar’ and ‘haan Pyaar hain’ single and also one EP ‘Naalayak.’ He is also currently on India tour for his 2nd EP ‘Round About.’ As amusing as the name of the band, so also is the front man. Sahil Samuel likes to keep it fun and energetic. The atmosphere that he creates always ends up bombastic. As he adventures on with his current 2022 India Tour let us also continue to cheer him up!

About IndieA Records

Universal Music India launched IndieA Records, a new platform for country’s independent music artists to showcase their talent to a wider discerning audience. An artist-first platform, IndieA Records is dedicated to actively discovering a wide range of music from independent artists across all genres and languages and bringing their work to a wider, more discerning audience through strategic partnerships & distinctive marketing. The label’s inception came with a rise in the independent music scene in India, which has seen a surging shift in music consumption habits and listener preferences in recent years. IndieA Records is in the process of banking an enviable repertoire of fresh indie music from both established and emerging artists. The songs will be promoted differently through intimate on-ground events and live gigs, strategically targeted to relevant audiences who have an affinity for such varied indie music.

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