Akshath’s ‘Noor’ takes you through a magical journey of its own

Mumbai, 1st February 2023: Composed by the rising talent Akshath and brought to life by the skilled production of Himonshu, “Noor” is the result of indescribable qualities and unexplainable feelings somehow finding the right words and emotions. Streaming across all major platforms, this Indie pop tune is the smoothest and silkiest track that you’re going to want on your playlists. The song was released on 10th January.

Watch the visualizer song here:

Talking about the song Akshath says, ” Noor is a song ready to take you on a magical journey. A tune dedicated towards that special someone whose every aspect feels ethereal, and every moment spent with them feels perfect”.

Akshath is a 22-year-old wonder-boy and singer-songwriter, based out of Mumbai who broke into the music creator space and garnered 10 million + views on Instagram. Quickly after going viral on the internet with over 100k followers, Akshath channelled his inner songwriter and producer and started honing his skill set. His last single ‘Kya ho Gaya’ garnered 700K+ streams across platforms, charted at #95 on Spotify Viral-100 India and managed to enter India radio air check at #10. His music has got his core community hooked with his heartfelt songwriting and cutting-edge music production. In 2023, Akshath is all set to release more of his original music and break through in the Indie-pop space.

As a bonus, watch “Kya Ho Gaya” here:

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