Music of Yaariyan 2 consists of every natural ingredient that an Indian ear needs: Manan Bhardwaj

Manan Bhardwaj is going all guns blazing for some time now. With Yaariyan 2, slated to release on 20th October, he took the mantle of composing full length album for the movie. We had an interaction with him lately and here’s what he said.

What makes making music for Yaariyan 2 special for you?

I have never composed so many songs for one single film. Yes, the process was long but I enjoyed thoroughly. I have explored a lot in me while making music for Yaariyan 2. If you ask me, music of Yaariyan 2 consists of every natural ingredient that an Indian ear needs.

Watch Bewafaa Tu here:

Writing 7 songs and composing music is a huge task. Please run us through how it shaped up?

Song by song, track by track, I found myself doing the whole music of Yaariyan 2. It might sound funny, but I was just living it without knowing that I am actually living it, I was in a zone and feel, and it all came through.

Music in movies is exploring newer territories. What’s your take on this in context to Yaariyan 2?

I don’t believe in territories in music. Music is like water, flowing and connecting everything together. Yaariyan 2 has intonations of emotions expressed through different songs, and yet as an album it comes together as one emotion.

What’s more coming from you this year?

ANIMAL is my next! We released a Pre-teaser audio couple of months back and the love we received is awesome. Animal will be worth waiting.

Tell us about your experiences working with various artists for this album

I have done plenty of recordings, numerous takes & TB’s of data in my hard drive and heart 🙂 I have travelled different states to record with different artists. During this course, I have spent a lot of time discussing the right voice for each song with my directors. Every single voice I have tried for Yaariyan 2 is a bliss. Casting singers for your songs is difficult and tricky. I am lucky to have experienced people guiding me through this journey.

Well, it might have been tricky for Manan, but for the audiences, it is just the easy part – listening the beautiful compositions! Music is mind-blowing, keep it in loop!

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