‘Mumbai Star’ is a musical extravaganza that shouldn’t be missed!

Mumbai, 12th December 2023: ‘Mumbai Star’, the Bollywood-style stage musical, is not just an O.S.T. project; it’s a musical extravaganza! The project features a stellar lineup of artists. We’re talking about the biggest names in Bollywood, including legends like Sunidhi Chauhan, Nakash Aziz, and Kunal Ganjawala, alongside some exciting emerging indie talents.

Dhruv Ghanekar, is the creative force behind the compositions and production, ensuring the album is a masterpiece like never before. The music is rich and diverse like the tapestry of the city that it shares the title with. From high-energy dance anthems to heartwarming romantic ballads, from classical kathak-influenced dance pieces to a Mumbai-style rap/hip-hop, and an exhilarating celebration fusion track filled with rich Indian percussions, the album is one great listen!

Stream the album here:

The Sound of Mumbai Star

The music of Mumbai Star is a delicious smorgasbord of various styles and genres from India and the world. From the massive percussion opening of the Overture to the ‘classic musical’ stylings of ‘Dhol Baja’ re. Dhruv Ghanekar throws the gauntlet right from the start. The heavily remixed ‘Mumbai Nagariya’ is a great throwback to ’80s and ’90s over-the-top style Bollywood music. Rap takes precedence in ‘Kai re Kai’ – a Bambaiya-styled hip-hop track that is sensationally penned by Ishitta Arun and Stony Psyko – who is also the performer.

The album has beautiful instrumental pieces that take the listener on a journey and create intrigue for the show. ‘Hey You’ features Sunidhi Chauhan in her best form. A groovy and funky dance number that has a surprise drop in the middle! The 3 Kathak pieces are incredible arrangements that showcase the music director’s wide range. Created to be performed live, the classical dance pieces are breathtaking in the fusion of sitar and Padhan (an Indian classical Vocal percussion). Things turn romantic in ‘Khoya Khoya’ – a sublime ballad that features 2 young voices that are sure to take the world by storm. Dhruv has created a timeless melody that is both deeply romantic and anthemic in scale.

Things turn retro in ‘Rise to Fame’, a pastiche that is clearly a tip of the hat to music from the 70’s and 80’s. The song takes an unsettling turn in the second half as our protagonist falls for all the trappings of fame and greed. ‘Downfall’ is an incredible Western classical piece influenced by 17th-century Western classical masters as the instrumental piece takes the listener on a dark journey into the depths of fame and commerce. The music towards the end is both cinematic and grand. ‘Khoya’ (Reprise) is a beautiful orchestral ode to our great film musicals. The title track ‘Mumbai Star’ closes the magnum opus with great panache with featured vocals from Nakash Aziz & Kunal Ganjawala with percussion support from Taufiq Quershi and Mumbai Stamp.

The lyrics of Ishitta Arun are all in verse form – a remarkable feat. Ishitta has delivered both beautiful poetry and youthful words throughout the album. Mumbai Star contains 19 tracks, including 8 songs and 11 instrumental pieces.

Mumbai Star is an ambitious project that sounds huge and is a remarkable exploration of modern Indian dance styles. From Bharatnatyam to whacking to Contemporary to Padhan style Fusion, from Pop to Kathak to Hip Hop and more. Dhruv has mastered virtually all genres in production and presented it in the grandest possible way. The album creates interest in the show and is a testament to his skill and mastery over all styles of music.

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