Mumbai – Boston artist TARRA’s album EASY LOVE is a journey of emotions

Mumbai, 10th August 2023: Mumbai and Boston based independent artist TARRA is thrilled to announce the release of her highly anticipated debut album EASY LOVE. The release features ten diverse English pop tracks rich in storytelling and message. With this album, TARRA takes the listener down a journey of the different stages and phases of love, life and young adulthood.

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At 20 years old, TARRA has established herself as a rising young star in Mumbai’s independent music scene. Her music has been described as “profound, feel-good lyrical pop” by critics and industry professionals alike, and EASY LOVE takes this to a whole new level.  The album shows its versatility in the range of moods it covers within its ten songs. There is the sassy, bold track “Wrong Number”, the nostalgic acoustic tune “Remember”, the emotional piano ballad “Mess With Me”, the R&B inspired “Half Of Your Heart” … and so much more. Yet, these all wrap into a single story; everything you want in an album. The cherry on the cake is the album’s title track, Easy Love, which is unlike any album closing track you’ve seen before. In the lyrics of this song, TARRA skillfully weaves in the titles of every single other song on the project – the perfect way to culminate the album.

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One song from the album in particular, the catchy dance pop track Wrong Number, is gaining much attention for its infectious hook and message – with various influencers and instagram creators creating and sharing reels based on the song. While the songs on EASY LOVE feature production by Billboard and Beatport charting producers and engineers from LA, Nashville, Miami, London and more, TARRA recorded all her parts at Headroom Studios in Mumbai. This album is undoubtedly set to be a milestone in TARRA’s musical journey, showcasing her growth as an artist and solidifying her place among the indie music circuit.

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