Mumbai-based heavy metal band Albatross releases new single ‘The Neptune Murders’

The song released on June 15, available across platforms

Mumbai, June 18, 2021: Mumbai-based heavy metal band ‘Albatross’ has released its latest single ‘The Neptune Murders’. Continuing with the band’s signature style of marrying horror stories with heavy metal, ‘The Neptune Murders’ is another grim tale penned by bassist, Riju ‘Dr. Hex’ Dasgupta. Horror-themed heavy metal band Albatross have been around since 2010 as a live band. The band has to its credit two EPs, a full-length album, and a few singles, some released, some gathering dust in a hard drive. Albatross has been at the forefront of concept-driven heavy metal music in India and has performed at numerous prestigious music festivals, supported international acts, and of course, has happily done the club circuit in India and abroad.

Albatross began as Dasgupta’s studio project back in 2008. The idea was always to bring together horror literature and heavy metal music, two things he enjoyed most. After a couple of quick singles, a live band was put together in 2010. Over the years, Albatross has released two EPs – Dinner Is You (2011), The Kissing Flies (2012), a full-length album – Fear from the Skies (2015), and a single – Where Do Sheep Disappear? (2018). The Neptune Murders is the band’s first release in three years.

On the release, founder member and Albatross vocalist, Biprorshee Das said, “Releasing new music is always exciting. More so with The Neptune Murders because it has been a fair while since Albatross put out anything new. It has been a particularly trying time for everybody around us. As a band, we too have been through a lot in the last one year. To be able to put together a new song without even having met each other in over a year, I do think, is really something. The Neptune Murders is yet another twisted offering from Riju, and as a band, we have tried venturing into a newer space putting the story together as a song. Then again, that has been something we have been doing with each of our release since 2011.”

Albatross brought on board artist and front man of Carnage Inc. Varun Panchal to bring to life the story of The Neptune Murders. The band wanted for the video to almost read like a comic book, and Panchal conceptualized it on those very lines.

On the music video, Dasgupta said, “I’ve always thought that the animated form was the best way to translate my stories into an audio-visual form. Varun Panchal exceeded our expectations in every way with an absolutely epic video. We had almost nothing to add after the first cut. It was that good.“

You can hear the track and watch the video by clicking this link:

Song Credits:

Composed and performed by Albatross
Lyrics by Riju Dasgupta
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ashwin Shriyan at Mindmap Studios, Mumbai
Artwork by Vineet Sharma

Albatross is:

Vocals: Biprorshee Das

Guitars: Vigneshkumar Venkataraman

Guitars: Akash Kar

Bass: Riju ‘Dr. Hex’ Dasgupta

Drums: Jay Thacker

Video Credits:

Concept: Albatross

Artist: Varun Panchal

Find Albatross online at:






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