‘Moments of Clarity’ by Diveakssh is an audio nomad’s exploration

Mumbai, 24th April 2023: Two years ago, Diveakssh set off into the Australian wilderness with his campervan turned portable music studio, “Spoons.” The aim was to unlock the music stuck inside him.

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On the road, he met Charlie – an indigenous elder who taught him about the ancient connection between stories and sound (see track 3). He had a moment of clarity – to write true and personal stories, and tell them through music.

Talking about the album he says, “I parked up by the banks of Lake Tinaroo to live in creative isolation. Over six weeks, I composed six songs inspired by the events surrounding my spiritual awakening. Finally – I had unlocked the music inside me”.

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Further elaborating on the album he says, “I returned to my roots in India to finish the songs. I fit my music studio into a backpack named “Mukti” and mixed & mastered the songs against the landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Auroville and Kodaikanal. The result is my debut album ‘Moments of Clarity’. I invite you to experience my unique brand of cinematic electronica, interleaved with audio stories from the road – so you can listen through my ears”.

About Diveakssh

Photo by Jack Lalwani, Edited by Trevor Oakley

Diveakssh Schae (or Divi for short) is an audio nomad – someone who makes music from beautiful places. He considers the jungles of India his roots, Australia his new home and the world as one giant instrument to explore.

After flirting with DJ’ing & sound design, he only fully understood his love for sound when he discovered cymatics – the science of visualising sound. He realised that the blueprints of nature’s very designs are stored in the secrets of vibration. 

His debut album “Moments of Clarity” is a result of two years of living as an ‘audio nomad.’ It was born when he lived in “Spoons” a campervan in Australia, and polished as “Mukti” and him backpacked India.

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