I am looking forward to do more work with Def Jam India as I appreciate their love and support towards me: Paradox

Paradox, the rising star of MTV Hustle fame, has just released the second track from his highly anticipated EP ‘The Unknown Letter’. The song, titled ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’, showcases Paradox’s ability to experiment with his music and push the boundaries of rap. Paradox has been steadily gaining loyal following the success of MTV Hustle 2.0 and his fans have eagerly anticipated his upcoming EP’s release. Paradox performed a shortened version of ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ in a recent concert, and his fans were already hooked on the track. Paradox’s first song from the EP – “Perfy”, is an infectious song that tells the story of falling in love and the exhilarating feeling that comes with it. The song perfectly captures the butterflies in your stomach and the overwhelming happiness that comes from finding your perfect match. What makes “Perfy” stand out even more is its unique use of the word “perfy,” which has quite the appeal in the GenZ audience.

We had a brief interaction with him to capture his thoughts and here are the excerpts:

Watch ‘Perfy’ here:

What is Paradox? How will you sum up your own paradox in music?

Paradox is a statement which is self-contradictory but true or when a situation has various parts and it’s possible and impossible at the same time. As I am very experimental with my music, I like to do something new with it every time so you can expect the unexpected from me which is a paradox in itself. 

How has your life evolved after being MTV Hustle Runner Up?

I knew I was making good music and MTV Hustle played a very huge role to spread it to the masses. So now masses are really liking that music and they’ve become like a family to me. I feel grateful for all the love and support.

What was the most challenging and the most inspiring part of MTV Hustle?

One of the most challenging and inspiring parts from MTV hustle was maintaining discipline. This was my first ever TV show, so things were very new to me, and I had to do everything carefully. Being punctual for every event throughout the show, practicing every day, utilising studio sessions properly, etc. were some of the aspects I had not been used to earlier. Another thing I learnt was the positive competition with the fellow artists throughout the show.

Your EP ‘The Unknown Letter’ released with Def Jam India. How big is that for you and what more should we expect form you with DJI?

Working with such grand labels has always been on my check list and have heard a lot about Def Jam and Universal since long, so yes, it is great working with them. ‘The Unknown Letter’ EP is doing good, and people will love the upcoming songs as well. I am definitely going global with my music as some of my songs have been in Viral 50 Global charts before. I am looking forward to do more work with Def Jam India as I appreciate their love and support towards me.

Watch ‘Hasti Rahe Tu’ here:

Which artists have been the biggest influences in your life? Have you tried to imbibe anything from them?

Mafia Mundeer (Honey Singh, Badshah, Raftaar, Lil Golu, Ikka) were the ones I got inspired by. Their journey inspired me a lot as we all are from the same land and they also came from a middle class family same as I do. I can relate to their stories. I learnt a lot from them, and they don’t even know about it, it was the same like Eklavya and Drona. I have already had words with all of them which has been a dream come true thing for this teenage fan of them. Now as an artist I manifest to work with all of them which is a personal dream of mine.

How did your collaboration with DJI come about? What makes it work for you?

“Yahi To Paradox Hai”

Well, this has been an interesting interaction, one that brings out his thoughts as well as his persona! We look forward to more of his music, so stay tuned!

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