Mithila Palkar ‘Pehli Baar’ with Adarsh Gourav & Reuel Benedict is another one in her musical journey

Mumbai, 3rd November 2023: Mithila Palkar, best known for her acting roles in many successful projects in ott world and regional cinema, such artist who has consistently added feathers to her cap. Her latest endeavor, a soulful single titled ‘Pehli Baar’ reaffirms her versatility and her undeniable musical talents.

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In her latest musical venture, Mithila Palkar has teamed up with actor Adarsh Gourav and accomplished musician and Cannes award winner Reuel Benedict to present an unplugged rendition of the popular Mohit Chauhan song ‘Pehli Baar Mohabbat ki Hai.’ The actress has often caught music aficionados attention with her renditions of popular tracks after the world discovered her hidden musical talents when a viral video of her performing the ‘cup song’ circulated on the internet.

Talking about ‘Pehli Baar’, Mithila Palkar shares, “A brief chat about a commonly shared love for music quickly translated into Gourav and I getting together to sing. I’m happy that Reuel Benedict came on board this joy ride, and it’s been a blast jamming together on this track.”

This joy and enthusiasm are evident in the single, where Mithila’s melodic voice harmonizes beautifully with Adarsh’s, Reuel’s musical prowess brings a refreshing twist to the timeless song and the trio’s synergy is palpable, resulting in a rendition that resonates with the heart and soul of the listener.

‘Pehli Baar’ with vocals by Mithila Palkar and Adarsh Gourav is out now!

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