‘Miss You’ by Manasvi is a song to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you

Mumbai, 22nd March 2024: ‘Miss You’ by Manasvi Baheti showcases her willingness to be open and vulnerable through her music. Honest, heartfelt and humble, Manasvi draws inspiration from her own personal experiences. Blending melancholic piano motifs with poignant vocal harmonies, ‘Miss You’ describes the emotional journey she endured when her sister moved away to the US for college. Perfectly capturing the sadness and silence that comes with a loved one’s absence, Manasvi’s impressive aptitude for capturing raw emotion in her music is prominent throughout the track.

Watch the song here:

Through delicate vocals, Manasvi describes the feeling of emptiness that consumes you when somebody has gone, and things are no longer how they used to be. Yearning for the everyday connection that once was, ‘Miss You’ is a song to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you and are on your mind, even when they are not there.

Having started out as a classical pianist at just seven years old, Manasvi began song writing in her early teens. Her lyrical maturity and ability to effortlessly pen her innermost thoughts led to her first original debut ‘Backup Girl’ being a sensational success. Focusing on crafting honest, simple, and emotionally driven music, Manasvi’s undeniable talent has garnered her a significant fan base, as she prepares to release her highly anticipated second solo single. An avid performer, Manasvi has appeared live at several prominent events including Pune’s Zomaland festival in November 2023 alongside Diya Dhar. A frequent collaborator, Manasvi has lent her skills to several local artists for both live and recorded music, whilst also focusing on writing and performing her own original material.

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