Meera’s EP ‘Smile-ability’ is a commentary on happiness

Mumbai, 27th March 2024: Indie songwriter Meera released her EP, ‘Smile-ability,’ on Friday, the 8th of March 2024. Produced by Raag Sethi, the EP is a collection of songs that, in Meera’s own words, were written to “either make me smile, get myself out of a rut, or make someone smile.” The four-song EP serves as a commentary on happiness in its most idealized form, filled with memorable lyrics, singable melodies, and bright acoustic instrumentation.

Reflecting on the five-year span during which the songs for this EP were created, Meera says, “I never set out to ‘write an EP’ actually! I started writing these songs as just a coping mechanism for myself.” Meera entered the studio with a clear vision of how they would sound as a cohesive whole, brought to life by producer Raag Sethi from Compass Box Studio. Having previously collaborated with him on her 2019 EP, “I’ve Never Been Happier to Be Lost,” she notes, “In the making of the last EP, we were finding our footing as collaborators, and I was finding my sound. In this one, having worked together consistently, we know each other’s strengths and inclinations, which is why we had a lot of fun. One of us would have an idea and the other would build on it, or we would have the same idea at the same time and it would be an ‘aha’ moment.” Following successful previews of the project with singles ‘Mango Milkshake’ and ‘23,’ the EP introduces two fresh tracks, ‘Tear Me Apart’ and ‘Decent People,’ completing the collection.

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‘Tear Me Apart’ is a bright acoustic tribute to Meera’s younger sister, inspired by her resilience and strength. “This was originally supposed to be a song for my sister to sing! She complained that she didn’t have any songs that were perfectly in her range. But after I wrote it, I liked it so much that I kept singing it,” she notes. On the inspiration behind the song, she says, “I wrote this song to remind her that it’s ok to be strong and soft at the same time. The softness or fear doesn’t cancel out the power. Which is why the chorus reads, “tear me apart, see if I care, see if it even matters. But don’t expect me not to be afraid, don’t expect me not to run away.” I thought of it as like a motto she could say to herself the next time she found herself in a situation like this.”

“Decent People” by Meera invites listeners into a whimsical waltz that explores the feeling of being surrounded by a sea of “decent people,” all experts at concealing their insecurities. Through the song, Meera delves into the guilt she feels for not matching the pace set by those around her. “I wrote it in 2018, and it came out very easily in one session. I felt like I wasn’t processing my feelings “correctly.” It’s me comparing myself to other people who I felt were dealing with their emotions in a healthy way. This song was an outlet for me,” she says.

Throughout this insightful four-track EP, Meera offers listeners her honest perspective on the world as she sees it – the good, the bad and the funny, and reminds them to always look for the irony found in every corner of life. She hopes that the journey through the EP will “make them chuckle, and that one of the lyrics from the EP becomes a mantra or motto.”

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Meera will also tour with this release from March to May, performing in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Goa, and more, with dates to be announced soon. Additionally, she is working on new music tentatively slated for a July release, hinting that it will be a more acoustic-sounding project.

About Meera

Meera is a Singer/Songwriter based in Mumbai, with strong roots in Jazz and Hindustani Music. In addition to being an experienced vocalist with diverse training, she plays the guitar, ukulele, and keyboard. Her biggest sonic inspirations include Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones, The Swell Season, and she hopes to bring their sense of storytelling and thoughtful acoustic production to her own music.

Meera’s life has been marked by multiple relocations, from New York to Ahmedabad to Mumbai, a subject she explores in her debut EP, “I’ve Never Been Happier to Be Lost.” Written around themes of new beginnings and navigating the discomfort of uncharted territory, the jazz and folk-inspired EP was named one of the top 10 Indian EPs of 2019 by Rolling Stone India. Her 2021 single “Keys” came during a time of reflection in the pandemic, when observing her parents sorting through old keys led to a jolt of inspiration. Her 2022 single “Let’s” is an ode to the small, cherished moments in long-distance relationships. The response to her music so far has been nothing short of a dream, with several awards, editorial playlists, playlist covers, and press features honoring her work.

Her live act, the “The Meera Collective,” has been touring across India for the past 5 years. She’s also undertaken two solo US tours (2019 and 2022), which included performances at the iHeartRadio Headquarters, Sour Mouse’s Jorei Jazz Showcase and the historic Rockwood Music Hall.

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