“Mehfilein”: A captivating ode to creativity and passion 

Mumbai, 19th July 2023: One Creative Man proudly presents “Mehfilein,” an introspective story that was penned in 2018 during Ravish Sundriyal’s entrance into the vibrant world of digital media.

Watch the song here:

With a timeless message, this enchanting creation serves as a poignant reminder to pause amidst the relentless pursuit of worldly ambitions and savour the path that led you there.

“Mehfilein” invites you to celebrate yourself and acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments and achievements you’ve made during your journey. It gently encourages moments of respite, urging you to revisit the personal journey and reignite the passions that may have faded along the way.

Stream the song here:

For Ravish, “Mehfilein” represents a revitalization of his identity as a songwriter—a profound call to never abandon the activities that ignite the soul, regardless of the demands imposed by the professional voyage.

With utmost pride, “Mehfilein” assumes the role of the debut video for One Creative Man, signifying Ravish Sundriyal’s unwavering commitment to create and nurture what truly stirs the heart. Through “Mehfilein,” Ravish embraces the essence of a personal journey, honouring the significant milestones achieved and reigniting the fiery embers of their creative spirit.

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