Mabel – ‘About Last Night…’ New album out on Polydor Records

Mumbai, 22nd July 2022: ‘About Last Night…’ is the incredible new album from Mabel, out on Polydor Records. Featuring euphoric singles ‘Let Them Know’, ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Overthinking’, Mabel played a special headline show at Somerset House on Sunday (July 17th) to launch the project, with an all-female bill confirmed from rising pop star Gracey DJ/presenter Henrie.

Watch the official intro of “About Last Night” here:

Conceived by Mabel as the world went into lockdown – and completed as life IRL picks up pace – ‘About Last Night…’ is a vivid and hyperreal journey from the anticipated beginnings to the messy end of the best night out that never was. Each track transports the minutiae– getting ready to go out; feeling invincible; clocking an ex; crying in the bathroom; stumbling home – and transforms the normality into the magical. Throughout, Mabel once again switches up her effortless way with modern pop: influences span the liberated euphoria of noughties club-culture (dance-pop, house, translatlantic R&B) with deeper themes of expression and inclusion as gained from obsessively re-watching ‘Paris Is Burning’, ‘Pose’ and ‘Drag Race’ during lockdown. It’s this emotional space that (in Mabel’s own words) “brought her back to life” – here is a young woman processing her own, life-changing formative years growing up in the public eye, and taking charge of her narrative through this fantastical space.

Watch the song “LOL” here:

The feel-good blueprint of ‘About Last Night’ was conceived between Mabel’s West London home, Angelic studios in Oxford, and some of Los Angels’ most inspiring creative spaces (including the former hilltop residence of Frank Sinatra). Early on in the process, Mabel began to assemble a collective of creatively aligned collaborators including friends and frequent songwriting partners Raye, MNEK, Kamille and Jax Jones. Impressed by his work with childhood hero Robyn on ‘Impact’, Mabel also teamed up with new faces like SG Lewis, before completing the project between lockdowns in the US with collaborators from pop’s top table like Stargate (Rihanna, Katy Perry). Mabel first teased what she had been working on with first single ‘Let Them Know – an unapologetic anthem about dressing up with nowhere to go – before ‘Good Luck’ marched influences of heartbreak and female solidarity straight to the dancefloor. The more vulnerable second half of ‘About Last Night…’ was previewed on ‘Overthinking’, an escapist but unflinchingly honest snapshot of when nightlife meets social anxiety, and how to find your way back to yourself.

The Mabel of 2022 is a young woman living in full and self-actualised power, intent on making music that will empower anyone who needs it. In a full-circle moment of Mabel’s influence in contemporary Pop – she has amassed twelve top 20 singles, surpassed 4.5 billion streams, and 8 million singles sold – the Brit Award winner also features on the new single from A1 and J1, ‘Deal Or No Deal’, which reworks her breakthrough hit ‘Finders Keepers’. Watch out for more from Mabel soon, and immerse yourself ‘About Last Night…’ now.

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