Kolkata’s rising star J Trix drops explosive new track “Middle-Class Boys” from debut EP

Mumbai, India 17th Nov 2023: Kolkata’s emerging rap scene is ablaze once again as J Trix, the city’s own rap prodigy, unleashes his latest hard-hitting track, “Middle-Class Boys,” the fifth release from his debut EP titled after the same name. Produced in collaboration with Kolkata-based record producer and frequent collaborator, Subspace, the track arrives as the pinnacle of J Trix’s remarkable musical journey with Def Jam Recordings India.

Following the success of his previous top-selling rap and drill records from the EP Middle-Class Boys – “Gamble,” “Gundagardi” featuring Indian rap superstar Ikka, “Sexy,” and the lead single “I Wish” – “Middle-Class Boys” is a hard-hitting trap banger that exemplifies the rapper’s signature style and lyrical prowess.

Watch the song here:

In this latest track, J Trix addresses the facade of social media rappers, exposing fake personas, while also emphasizing the endurance and depth of his own rap career. The track serves as a testament to his dedication, culminating in a powerful message that resonates deeply with his devoted fan base. “Middle Class Boys” not only showcases Trix’s distinct ‘choppa’ flow and vivid lyricism but also represents a crowning achievement in the young rapper’s career.

Speaking about Ep J Trix shared, “Listening to Middle-Class Boys will take the audience through the ups and downs of my journey and also reflect on the current rap scenario due to the emergence of social media. I have poured my emotions to this track so that it reaches the hearts of my listeners. I had really intense writing sessions before presenting it. Now finally as my first EP with DefJam is completed and super excited to see people’s reaction and I hope the whole EP to make a permanent place in listeners’ playlist!” 

About Def Jam Recordings India

Def Jam India is Universal Music India’s new label division within India and South Asia dedicated to representing the best hip-hop and rap talent from the region. Def Jam India follows the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label, which has led and influenced the ever-evolving Hip-Hop/Rap music and its subcultures for more than 35 years. While Def Jam is a global hip-hop powerhouse that represents an iconic roster of artists such as LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Pusha T, Dave East, YG and many more; Def Jam India has strived to elevate the Indian imprint of hip-hop by working with some of the biggest Indian hip-hop artists such as Dino James, Raga, Fotty Seven, Wazir Patar, GD 47, Hanumankind, Irfana Hameed, J Trix, tricksingh, Chaar Diwaari & more.

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