‘Keh Do Na’ by The Rish, Dropped Out, and BLUK strikes an emotional chord

Unique fusion of soulful vocals and UK-Inspired music production gives it a definitive edge!

Mumbai, 21st August 2023: The music scene is buzzing with excitement as “Keh Do Na,” a captivating collaboration by The Rish, Dropped Out, and BLUK, hit the scenes with Indiea Records. This unique track masterfully blends soulful vocals with Future Garage and Drum and Bass music production, paying homage to the beloved UK genre.

Watch the song here:

At its core, “Keh Do Na” is a compelling exploration of themes like longing, vulnerability, and the intricacies of letting go. The heartfelt lyrics strike a deep emotional chord, resonating with listeners and inviting them into a world of introspection. The song’s evocative composition leaves an indelible mark on the heart, making it a standout addition to the music landscape.

With “Keh Do Na,” The Rish, Dropped Out, and BLUK have seamlessly fused genres to create a musical experience that speaks to the soul. This release is a testament to their artistic prowess and a testament to the power of collaboration.

With a devoted fanbase and a unique storytelling approach, The Rish who is a musical sensation known for his enchanting vocals, song writing, and ability to evoke deep emotions through his voice, while Dropped Out is a cutting-edge electronic music producer recognized for pushing the boundaries of genre-defying soundscapes. His intricate beats and imaginative production have garnered acclaim from critics and fans alike. And, BLUK is a prominent name in the UK music scene, specializing in Future Garage and Drum and Bass music production. With an impressive track record of successful collaborations and individual releases, BLUK continues to influence and shape the evolution of modern electronic music.

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