Kautilya (The Echo Project)’, a first-of-its-kind musical piece by Spotify!

The video song brings together over 40 Indian classical instrumentalists to celebrate to country’s rich musical heritage.

Helmed by sitarist Rishab Sharma, tabla player Anuradha Pal, and flautist Naveen Kumar, the song and video highlight three of India’s most iconic musical instruments through Spotify’s program ‘Echo’.

Mumbai, 21st August 2023: Indian classical instrumental music is widely consumed, by listeners of all age groups, in the country and across the world. Although often considered niche, it enjoys a considerably large, and growing, audience of young listeners, with the overall consumption of Indian classical music growing by close to 500% on Spotify in the last 24 months, and over 45% of all listeners being under the age of 25 on the platform. 

Earlier this year, Spotify launched ‘Echo’, a program to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Indian classical instrumental music and its proponents. The initiative entails three new playlists – Soulful Sitar, Fascinating Flute, and Tabla Rhythms – and now sees Rishab Sharma, Anuradha Pal, and Naveen Kumar come together to create a musical piece featuring themselves and over 30 more Indian instrumentalists.

Watch the song here:

Composed by Rishab Sharma, Kautilya (The Echo Project) is a piece of work that blends traditional Indian instruments with modern production elements. “This piece revolves around the soulful sounds of the sitar, the rhythmic beats of the tabla, and the enchanting melodies of the flute. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Indian music ragas, these three instruments gracefully whisk listeners away to another realm of musical enchantment. What sets this endeavour apart is the seamless infusion of contemporary elements, boasting punchy 808s, dynamic hip-hop drums, and ethereal futuristic synths and FX. This harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation provides a glimpse into the future of Indian music, where its timeless essence evolves alongside cutting-edge soundscapes”, says Rishab Sharma.

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