Jonita collaborates with Ali Sethi for ‘Love Like That’

Crafting her own musical path, “Love Like That” will be followed by her first EP in February

Mumbai, 14th January 2024: Renowned Bollywood vocalist, Jonita, embarks on a new musical journey claiming centre stage, with “Love Like That”. The release marries traditional 13th Century Qawwali folk rhythms with mainstream hyper pop elements and pioneers a unique sound transporting listeners on a journey of love, culture, and tradition.

Watch the song here:

“I’ve always wanted to work with Ali Sethi, and when we got into the studio together in LA, this song poured out of us organically,” Jonita says of the collaboration. “This is more than just a song; it’s a journey through cultures, history, and emotion. We’ve poured our hearts into this, and it feels fresh and unlike anything we’ve heard before. I honestly can’t wait for people to experience the magic we’ve created together.”

With production from acclaimed Grammy nominated producer Ariza (Dua Lipa, Julia Michael, Lindsey Lomis), and mastered by Gerhard Westphalen (Burna Boy, Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran) the new release features vocals by Pakistani-American songwriter and composer, Ali Sethi, with lyrics that shed light on love that defies the boundaries of opinions and criticism.

Ali Sethi says that this single speaks volumes about the most important message: there is always a way to connect through music and build bridges that welcome and embrace.

“Jonita is a pioneer and is doing something bold, exciting and fresh”, Ali adds of Jonita’s new release and becoming a star in her own right. “We live in the world of contemporary music and pop culture and we’re building those bridges that welcome and embrace multiple identities”.

It is Jonita’s ability to convey the true essence of “Love Like That,” as something that is simultaneously progressive and radical, finding duality and balance in the masculine and feminine.

Directed by Priya Minhas and filmed in the heart of London, England, the official music video illustrates an aspirational modern-day fairytale. Weaving Indian and Western influences to showcase Punjabi wedding culture in its finest forms with fashion forward traditional garments to cultural dances, the scenes give viewers a glimpse into a culture that is as bold as it is authentic.

“Love Like That” marks the first of many anticipated releases from the South Asian songstress, and primes Jonita to unveil her debut EP on February 2nd. The project is anticipated to mark her emergence as a boundary breaking South Asian Pop artist.

About Jonita

Jonita Gandhi, 91 North Records’ first female artist already has 16 million monthly listeners, and embodies a fusion of Canadian and Indian heritage, infusing her musical journey with resilient determination. Raised in a culturally rich environment in Toronto, Canada, and born in New Delhi, India, arts and Bollywood films paved the way for diversity in her musical palette with exposure to genres such as Pop, R&B, and Dancehall rhythms. From her Bollywood debut in 2013 “Chennai Express” to chart-topping hits and collaborations with several of India’s leading music directors, Jonita’s success in India’s film and the music industries is undeniable. Along her road to success, she frequently found the contemplation of her musical identity resolving this with the understanding that there is unity in adaptability and the universal language of music. The transformational year that was 2020 saw Jonita channelling adversity into the art of songwriting that led her to a realization—it was time she started crafting her own musical path. Now, releasing her first single “Love Like That” in January 2024 followed by her first EP in February, Jonita stands as a powerful, authentic voice impacting the future of music — inviting audiences into her evolving sound and inspiring the next generation of female artists.

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