Ismena’s ‘This Time’ will identify itself with you, take a listen!

Mumbai, 17th July 2023: ‘This Time’ by Ismena is the latest single from her eponymous solo album ‘This Time’. Her single largely reflects the theme of the entire album. It’s about learning to be alone and not letting your happiness depend on others.

Stream the song here:

The song was recorded and mixed at her home in collaboration with Ivy van der Veer and mastered by Erwin Hermsen (Toneshed). The album will be available on all digital platforms on the 15th of September. It will also be her first release on vinyl through Electric Spark Records.

With ‘This Time’ Ismena returns to how she started as a singer-songwriter, which is in a small setting and mainly acoustic. Because many songs are recorded in the moment of emotion, it has become a very honest album. Ismena talks about heartbreak, depression, and insecurity, but also shows a lighter side. The album is a transition from her being someone who is dependent on others to an independent person who can manage on her own. 

About Ismena

Ismena is a melancholic indie artist based in the Netherlands. With dreamy, melancholic songs treating death, society and the point of our existence she tries to hold a mirror to the audience and make them think. She writes and performs a lot on her own but also has a band with whom she has released her debut album ‘Until We Part’. She’s currently working on a solo album which she will release in September 2023. Some of her inspirations are Emma Ruth Rundle, Chelsea Wolfe and Big Thief.

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