Aditya Rikhari Collaborates with T-Series for the very first time on a soul-stirring single “Raaton”

Mumbai, 17th July 2023: Renowned singer, composer, and lyricist, Aditya Rikhari, has teamed up with T-Series for an emotional musical single titled “Raaton.” This poignant love ballad showcases Aditya Rikhari’s versatility as he not only lends his enchanting vocals but also takes charge of the composition and lyrics. The song is accompanied by a captivating and contemporary music video featuring Aditya Rikhari and the talented Amishi Kaushik. Directed by the brilliant duo, Sanjna Krishnan and Rohan Shetty, the music video adds a visually striking dimension to the heartfelt emotions conveyed in the song.

Watch the song here:

“Raaton” delves deep into the complexities of love, exploring the bittersweet journey of two souls entangled in a relationship on the brink of falling apart. Aditya Rikhari’s soulful voice, combined with his poignant lyrics and stirring composition, beautifully captures the essence of heartache, longing, and the struggle to hold on to love in the darkest of nights.

Says Aditya Rikhari, “Working with T-Series on ‘Raaton’ has been a dream come true. This song holds a special place in my heart, and I poured my soul into every aspect of its creation. I am grateful for the opportunity to express my emotions through music and touch the hearts of my listeners.”

Amishi Kaushik, who stars alongside Aditya Rikhari in the music video, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “Being a part of ‘Raaton’ has been an incredible experience. Aditya’s talent is truly awe-inspiring, and it was a privilege to bring his vision to life.”

Directors Sanjna Krishnan and Rohan Shetty shared their creative insights on the music video. Sanjna Krishnan said, ” We aimed to visually capture the raw emotions and vulnerability depicted in the song, and we are excited to share our collective vision with audiences.” Rohan Shetty added, “We believe the music video will resonate with viewers, conveying the depth and intensity of the song’s narrative.”

“Raaton” marks the beginning of an exciting collaboration between Aditya Rikhari and T-Series, promising a soulful journey for music enthusiasts. Featuring Aditya Rikhari and Amishi Kaushik, the song is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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