Indie artist Alif drops a deeply enthralling track ‘Fitna Fitoor’, a prelude to the album ‘Siyah’

Mumbai, 8th June 2023: Mohammad Muneem, who goes by the artist name – Alif – popular independent music artist, poet, and the force behind the viral Koshur hits like ‘Ride Home’ (which won the best folk song IIMA Award ) has just released his latest song, ‘Fitna Fitoor’.

‘Fitna Fitoor’ delves into the profound theme of resilience and the human journey towards self-discovery amidst chaos and uncertainty. The song encapsulates the notion that true strength lies in holding onto belief, waiting for the light to break through the darkness. It metaphorically portrays humanity being tossed in a turbulent sea, oscillating between weaker moments and strong moments, creating, and destroying and then finally being reborn as an all-new being.

Stream the song here:

Through its captivating lyrics and evocative melodies, ‘Fitna Fitoor’ explores the inherent struggles and the relentless pursuit to overcome obstacles, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the human soul. In a world filled with chaos and madness, this powerful composition encourages listeners to find their own paths to triumph, to persevere, and to be reborn as their new selves.

Beautifully shot with surreal imagery and featuring Alif himself, the song showcases his grasp over a unique style of fusion that brings together poignant contemporary poetry and free-spirited instrumentation.

Alif started his journey in 2008, which went on to win wide acclaim, the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2018 Award for the single Lalnawath. Including the IRAA Award for the single ‘Like a Sufi’. Alif also teaches Songwriting & Urdu Poetry at Pune’s Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce and is a co-founder of muzi club, a company offering music training services. He is an adept storyteller who also conceptualizes and directs videos for himself and others.

Alif, whose Kashmiri poem ‘Korkun’ was published by Seagull in their anthology, ‘Reclaiming Plurality Amid Hatred’, says, “Like most of the music I make, ‘Fitna Fitoor’ is both a documentation of lived experiences and an articulation of bigger social realities. Any medium, I believe, has the potential to become the purveyor of a meaningful idea or thought. ‘Fitna Fitoor’ is also a dialogue with the self and the world and is about the search for the light that is within and around but which escapes unnoticed as we thrash around, looking for something nameless.”

‘Alif’ recently made a powerful impact with an episode in Coke Studio Bharat, and will also be featured in Season 2 of the acclaimed Amazon Prime Series – ‘Made in Heaven’ season 2. These exciting appearances come hot on the heels of the release of his highly anticipated album, Siyah.

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