India Ab Tumhari Baari! MTV Hustle 03 Represent awaits your talent; call for entries begins on the JioCinema app!

MTV Hustle 2.0 talent come together for The Hustle Reunion Song, celebrating their success post the show and inviting aspirants for the new season

Mumbai, 13th June 2023: Are you ready to spit fire and shake the country’s hip-hop scene then India Ab Tumhari Baari! MTV Hustle 03 Represent is on the lookout for extraordinary rap talent, and it could be you! If you have what it takes to represent your hood, city, state, culture, beliefs, and ideologies and make it big, then upload your audition videos on the JioCinema app now!

Watch The Hustle Reunion song on KaanPhod Music here:

As the Call for Entries begins nationwide, MTV Hustle 2.0 top talent including winner MC Square and Srushti Tawde, Wicked Sunny, Paradox, Spectra, Panther, Nazz and Gravity who shook the nation with their musical genius have come together for a power-packed song, ‘The Hustle Reunion’, now streaming on KaanPhod Music and all leading audio platforms! The song is the perfect rendition and celebration of their journey from being raw professionals to industry-ready rappers taking the world by storm, now inviting new talent to be a part of the much-anticipated upcoming season.

Don’t miss this chance to participate in the definitive rap talent hunt and launch yourself into stardom. Create your audition video and upload it on JioCinema right away because the stage is set, and the spotlight is calling. It’s time to unleash the rapper in you!

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