In collaboration with Carl Broaden, Shreya Bajpai releases her new single ‘Differences’

Mumbai, 21st June 2023: Shreya Bajpai, a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Noida has released her latest single ‘Differences’ recently. Having fared well with her debut single ‘With(out) You’ released in February, 2023 with Psya, the song made its way successfully airing on an indie FM radio station called Radio Chutney. Shreya was also one amongst 7 national finalists in a talent show, Big Golden Voice Season 7, hosted by 92.7 Big FM held in the year 2020.

Coming from a creative academic background and being involved with various forms of performing arts, the themes of her music are very closely linked with her personal experiences which are very vivid and sensitive in nature.

Watch ‘Differences’ here:

Her latest single ‘Differences’ was recorded at her home studio in Noida, produced and mixed by Carl Broaden at his studio in Florida, United States. Later, the mastering of the project was done by Psya, an artist from New Delhi.

The song takes us to a state of a playful escape from deep rooted emotions embedded with groove and sensuality. The emotions hit a low in the bridge part striking with a sense of realization in the form of a soliloquy but again amps up the mood by taking us back to the groove.

Talking about the song, Shreya said, “I conceptualised the video with Ksheetij Saini and Radhika Agarwal who are both very talented, they brought everything to life. I had so much help from friends and family on this project which is absolutely phenomenal. The song is about few deep-rooted emotions that are being ignored and distractions are being found within the playfulness and the groove of the song. We get to see the realisation of the emotions briefly in the bridge portion in the form of a soliloquy. There is also a sense of seeking for superficial existence and pleasure to stall the process of going through the depth of the actual emotions. However, the fun one can have while they are at it (stalling their emotions) is also what this song tries to capture with the groove. There definitely is sensuality involved in here because it is majorly used as a distraction in the context of this song”.

About Shreya

Shreya Bajpai is a 26-year-old singer-songwriter from Jhansi, now living in Noida. She is trained in Hindustani classical and western contemporary music and her style is an amalgamation of a blend of soul, RnB, jazz, pop, reggae, rock and Indian pop music. She can play a couple of instruments to support her songwriting and compositions and is also an architect. She also sang a song composed by Himesh Reshammiya called ‘Dhinakk dhin dhaa’ released in July 2022, along with a male vocalist Ankush Bhardwaj. The song featured on Himesh Reshammiya Melodies, a record label run by the composer.

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