Ikka and MC Stan drop their party anthem of the year ‘Urvashi’ with T-Series

Mumbai, 17th November 2023: T-Series along with two Hip-Hop maestros, Ikka and MC Stan drop their latest single, ‘Urvashi.’ The song produced by Bhushan Kumar brings the unique flavors of both the artists to the table making it their party anthem of the year. The track, with killer music by Sanjoy, showcases the raw talent and distinctive styles that have earned Ikka and MC Stan a cult following in the Hip-Hop universe.

Sharing his excitement for the song, Ikka said, “I can’t even put into words how hype this collaboration is. Teaming up with MC Stan for ‘Urvashi’ was too much fun which has resulted in this amazing song that sets the vibe right for any party. We wanted to flip the script and drop something fresh, something audiences haven’t heard before.”

Watch the song here:

The music video, directed by the dynamic duo Agam Mann and Azeem Mann, takes the viewers on a visual rollercoaster, a coming-of-age setting against the backdrop of a pool party and fast cars. The video reflects the essence of the track—a celebration of youth, freedom, and unapologetic swag.

MC Stan shares, “Super excited to unveil ‘Urvashi’ with Ikka bhai – it’s our second collaboration following ‘Maa Baap’. This song is a unique blend of new school beats and a commercial flair, a whole new territory for me. Fun fact: ‘Urvashi’ was the first track I recorded after my Bigg Boss journey. Teaming up with Ikka bhai is a party, and we’ve packed this energy on the screen. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!”

Ikka and Mc Stan’s ‘Urvashi’ produced by T-Series is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.

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  1. Maaz says:

    Stanny always on fire uk who is the king of hip-hop fro me its always mc stan I love him so much just want to meet him I ily stanny bhot pyaar end taak meri jaan vote for stanny 🕊️❤️

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