“I was looking to create a song which is more acoustic and with happy vibes” – Raghav Chaitanya on his latest song ‘Subah Ko’ with T Series

Mumbai, 8th March 2023: Raghav Chaitanya is a name that has created quite a reputation for himself in a short span in the music industry. On the release of his latest track “Subah Ko”, with T Series, we had a quick interaction with him. Read on to know what he has to say:

How has been your journey so far in the music?

So, the journey the has been great, been very smooth for me. Never felt like work, it has been like a joy ride. From doing indie to winning awards for my first playback song in the movie ‘Thappad’, it has been a nice journey for me.

Indie has become a genre and you delve in indie as well as Bollywood. How do you transition between the two?

I have been producing indie music through my channel and this song is on T Series. Bollywood came in between and that’s where my exposure to both sides shapes up. Having built over 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and along with Bollywood, I feel much at ease while transition between the two.

How did this first Non Film collaboration shape up?

I have been in touch with T Series team and they were keen to do some indie music. We had a chat around it and I composed a scratch version of ‘Subah Ko’. I sent it over to the T Series team and they liked it. They got Rashmi Virag Sir on board and that’s how lyrics came up. This is more or less the long and short of how this song shaped up with T Series.

Watch the song here:

What was your inspiration behind ‘Subah Ko’?

I am huge John Mayer fan as well as a huge grunge guy, a fan of Kurt Cobain. I was looking to create a song which is more acoustic and with happy vibes, which is largely what John Mayer does. So, while the song is not in exactly the same sound as that of John Mayer, but it is surely in that zone. It’s a feel good song.

You went from a song called ‘Dil’ which is a heart break song to ‘Subah Ko’ which has a happy vibe. Tell us the story behind these two diametrically different songs

‘Dil’ is actually not my composition, I was just a singer for the song. It is not easy for me to sing sad songs as I am generally a very happy person in life. Since it was a situational song, I had to make it happen, but if you ask me to compose, I can never compose a sad song. The transition for me, from Dil to Subah Ko was about coming back to a more happy zone, which is my comfort area. And specially, with COVID and too much sadness around for over two years, I just want to create songs which bringing happy vibes.

For a song to appeal to the youth, do you think you need to have a statement in the song?

I think that the total arrangement of the song needs to appeal to this generation. The instruments need to be contemporary. There is no formula to a hit song. To appeal the youth, the lyrics should be very simple. A college going kid in 20’s should be able to listen, understand and therefore sing the song along. Can’t use very heavy sounding words, which will make people move away from the song.

Can we look at more collaborations of yours with T Series?

For sure, the next few songs, one of which is going to be a Pop song. This will be hopefully coming on T Series. I want to keep exploring different genres and sounds, hopefully can look forward to see how many can come with T Series.

Well, lets keep a watch on what comes next, will surely be “music to our ears”.

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