“Heartbreak is Natural” by Bella will definitely be your jam for this week!

Mumbai, 14th September 2022: Bella, formerly known as M Zee Bella – one of the finest hip-hop artists in the country right now and has released a new track titled ‘Heartbreak is Natural’ with Found Out Records. The song is about that one person in everyone’s life that spurs us on to greatness and then betrays us.

Watch the video song here:

In the music video, a couple who are profoundly in love end up working together as criminals. It is a real-life, dramatic look at two fugitive lovers who ride and perish together. The music video is an exciting account of crime, love, and the consequences to doing both at once.

Inspired at a young age by his mother’s poetry in the Himalayas of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, the Emcee, Lyricist and Composer is a one-man show and has influenced India’s burgeoning hip-hop scene like no other. Produced and written by Bella himself, the 24-year-old musician opens up about the woman who has inspired him and his music, only to take it all away from him through betrayal. However, life comes full circle for every one and everyone has a price to pay.

Talking about the song Bella says, “Talking about the song Bella says, “Everyone has someone in their life who inspires them to move ahead or to achieve something but sometimes you put so much trust in them which turns into betrayal. I’m really happy to have worked with a platform like Found Out Records that has allowed me to showcase my work so beautifully”.

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