Gurpreet aka Joerocks releases “Gone”

‘Gone’ is fifth single from the album ‘Love Undone’

Mumbai, 20th March 2023: Gone is the 5th Single from the EP ‘Love Undone’. It’s about heartbreak of cold nights, withering leaves, hollowed souls and fading memories; of lonesome wanderings, vacant stares, reminders about wrong choices and guilt-filled reflections.

Gone is a pop-rock song on a trap-soul beat. Its hybrid nature stems from the rock leanings of its singer-songwriter and his desire to collaborate with a hip-hop beatmaker. Vocal harmonies, synth-wave layers, 808 drumbeats, vocalizer efx and guitars come together to create a haunting, heartbreaking visual expression of the songwriter’s vision.

Stream ‘Gone’ here:

Talking about the song making process, Joerocks says, “The songwriting, recording and production took 4 months. Besides myself as the songwriter/vocalist/co-producer, I worked with Rei Kae, the MI certified producer-engineer”.

About Gurpreet aka Joerocks

Gurpreet aka Joerocks is a doctor turned singer-songwriter and guitarist-producer from Delhi. Since April 2020, he has released 13 songs. While some songs deal with social & health issues, he has also released music in the mainstream genre.

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