16 year old Indie artist Rishi Kumar releases his latest track ‘Dil Ho Tum’

Rishi collaborates with singer Hansika Pareek and lyricist Anurag Mishra for this melodious track

Mumbai, 20th March 2023: After releasing some popular tracks such as Tum, Ishq Hai, Baadalon Mein Ghar, Yaad and Mere Ho Tum Rishi Kumar has released yet another single called “Dil Ho Tum”.

Watch the visualiser song here:

The track is a sung beautifully by singer Hansika Pareek and the lyrics are penned by Anurag Mishra. Speaking about the track Rishi says “ ‘Dil Ho Tum’ is a collaboration with Hansika Pareek and Anurag Mishra. We gelled really well as a team for this one. Initially the arrangement of the song was very different, poles apart compared to the final, as the old one had a very upbeat vibe to it. Special thanks to candid feedback as laymen from my parents to change the arrangement to better suit the song. In fact, most of the production of the new arrangement was done only after dubbing the vocals, as Hansika Pareek’s vocals give a very soft vibe to the song. Of course Anurag Mishra with his beautiful lyrics as usual; couldn’t think of anyone else better to write the song”.

Rishi Kumar has been consistently delivering songs which are being heard by thousands. His song Tum was recently officially used by Apple India to promote Iphone 14 pro. With ‘Dil Ho Tum’ he takes his work further and looks to cement his place amongst the known independent artists in India.

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