Frizzell D’Souza’s debut EP ‘The Hills Know Of You’ is a classic tale of love

Mumbai, 14th October 2022: Bangalore-based singer-songwriter, Frizzell D’Souza’s ‘The Hills Know Of You’ is a classic tale of love, with emphasis on the fact that this simple story has the power to transpire in a thousand different ways.

Watch the music video of “The Hill Know Of You” here:

The stories in this EP vary from extremely personal journal entries to conversations between close friends, to internal monologues that found their way into this piece of music.

The project came to fruition through a crowdfunding campaign that was organized in collaboration with Original Dog, a platform dedicated to supporting independent artists.

The EP is produced by Varun Murali at The Red Music Box Studio in Bangalore.

Stream “Busy Loving You” here:

Frizzell D’Souza has had a liking for simple melodies with light-hearted stories. She made her debut in the independent music industry with a country blues single, ‘New’, in August 2020. Talking about her music she says, “The core of my music lies in translating emotions and is influenced by my love for retro classics and indie music”.

Best known for being the guitarist of the acclaimed folk-rock band Swarathma, Varun Murali is in equal parts a music producer, composer, and music teacher. As a music producer. Varun operates out of his own recording studio, The Red Music Box, where he helps bring alive the musical vision of artists and bands. The studio is also officially powered by Neumann Berlin.

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