Folktronica duo Rusha & Blizza’s new track ‘Gal Mukdi’ elevates the soundscape

Mumbai, 19th January 2023: Amidst the commercial sounds dominating the music scene, the ever talented music producer duo Rusha & Blizza are breaking new ground with their innovative folktronica music. They are yet again set to blow our minds with their latest release, “Gal Mukdi,” featuring the enchanting vocals of Mitika Kanwar. The song delivers a profound message about the pursuit of truth and inner tranquility, emphasizing the eradication of ego as a path to these spiritual goals. The song encourages a collective connection with the universe, urging listeners to rise above individualistic notions and dismantle barriers that divide us.

Stream the song here: 

As pioneers of Folktronica, Rusha & Blizza have consistently embraced a courageous and experimental approach to their music. Their original sound became a viral sensation, causing a seismic shift in the music landscape and establishing them as new-age trendsetters. Their unorthodox ethos in music production has ushered in a fresh wave of sounds, challenging norms and redefining the soundscape of the Indian music industry.

Shedding light on the track, Rusha & Blizza shares, “With ‘Gal Mukdi,’ we wanted to convey a universal message of unity and peace. It draws inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Bulleh Shah, challenging perceptions of religious dedication and emphasizing pure beliefs. It has always been challenging to fuse Indian folk with electronic music but everytime it teaches us something new. We both love challenging our own limits and creating the best each time. We really hope this song becomes everyone’s favourite as it is already ours!”

In an industry often bound by tradition, Rusha & Blizza’s journey represents a departure from the ordinary, showcasing their commitment to pushing creative boundaries and fostering innovation. The spotlight on the Times Square Billboard not only acknowledges their past achievements but also serves as a testament to their ongoing influence in shaping the future of Indian music. Born from an unexpected meeting in a Delhi gym back in 2010, Rusha & Blizza have embarked on a remarkable decade-spanning voyage, seamlessly blending experimental soundscapes with the rich tapestry of Indian musical traditions.

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