Bringing back the nostalgia with Mumbai based Synthwave artist Sulfur Sky

Mumbai, 26th March 2021: Sulfur Sky is an upcoming synth-wave artist from Mumbai. With two audio-visuals released last year, the ’80s inspired new retro wave project released this March 05 on all major streaming platforms. Sulfur Sky draws its influences from the grandness of the 80s’ synth-pop and textures of the new-retro wave, further fusing their essence with elements of classic rock to create transience that is nostalgic and futuristic at the same time.

The self-titled debut album offers nine tracks, evolving from ‘Time’ that pivots around synth-hooks to ‘Home’ that concludes with bends, sustains and legatos influenced solo. The man behind the project, Mumbai based producer-guitarist, Siddharth Chopra, poetically briefs up Sulfur Sky as an attempt to “combine the past and the future to create the present“.

Chopra envisions Sulfur Sky as an audio-visual experience for the niche fan base of the currently emerging genre. With an outrun and visualizer out already, the project further has 3 videos lined up for release- A Place on Earth, Ascend, and Home, complementing the retro-sci-fi visual identity of Sulfur Sky.

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