Bangalore singer-songwriter releases debut music EP ‘The Grays’

Los Angeles, California, March 25th 2021: 

Bangalore born, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Saahas has released his debut acoustic pop EP ’The Grays’ on March 22nd on all streaming platforms.

The five song debut EP has been much awaited since the release of two singles – ‘California’, released on February 24th and the first single from the EP, ‘Glad You Stuck Around’, which has been signed to a publishing deal with Crucial Music and can be heard on commercials that it has been placed in. The two singles have received great critical reviews and has been streamed widely, ahead of the release of the new EP.

Saahas has written, composed and recorded the EP. With the help of producer who was the mixing and mastering engineer, the EP is ready to hit steaming platforms on March 22nd. About the EP, he says “This is a collection of music and words that has meant a lot to me over the last three years. The journey in moving from India to Los Angeles and finding and pursuing a career in music has been a wild ride, and this EP is a reflection of every high and low. I’ve learnt a lot about myself through the journey and one of the most important lessons has been to not see everything as black or white, which is why it’s called ‘The Grays’.

Although this is his first solo EP, Saahas has written and released music with his band, Bangalore based acoustic pop outfit Allegro Fudge. Their album ‘Maximum City’ (2012) received critical acclaim and commercial success. Their hit single ‘Colors Fly’ was nominated and won third place in the Pop Category in the IndieGo Global Music Awards. The band also won best pop band in the Bite My Music Awards.

About his future plans, Saahas says “This EP is long overdue, but I’m happy that it’s finally taken form. There were plans to tour the US and India when it was released, which will have to wait until concerts are safe and possible. But I’m really excited to take this new material and the new live show on the road. It’s been a long time since I’ve performed live because of the pandemic”.

Saahas has also begun recording for his debut album, which is slated to be released in late 2021. Apart from recording and performing, he also works as a songwriter for other artists and DJ’s and is known for his collaborations with European producers.


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